About Me

Wendy McCallum

My name is Wendy McCallum. I am an  psychic, medium, spiritual artist, columnist, healer, teacher, mentor and holistic therapist. I was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland and now live in Camberley, Surrey with my daughter. I was aware of my intuitive abilities from an early age and have spent many years developing and nurturing these skills.

I have trained with several famous and well known psychic mediums including Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Natalie Walker, Heidi Sawyer, Claire Broad and have attend workshops with Gordon Smith, Kyle Gray and many others. I continue to develop professionally and will continue to train with many others in the future.

I have been offered jobs as a reader for some of Britain’s largest psychic companies including Psychic Today on sky TV. I have written a psychic agony aunt column for several years which started off locally going to 5,000, then 25,000 homes, I now receive letters from around the world. I have had articles written about me in Chat its Fate magazine.

I teach psychic and intuitive development classes and workshops and have done talks, presentations  and demonstrations on psychic and mediumship.

I am a healer, holistic therapist qualified mindfulness teacher and registered clinical reflexologist I specialise in Cranio Sacral Reflexology and work with schools and charities working with children with special needs and disabilities.

I am just a normal down to earth person and single mum to my lovely daughter. I am caring and compassionate and here to help in times of trouble. My readings are done with love and best intention, to inspire you and bring to the forefront the positives, to help you make positive change, my aim is for you to leave feeling uplifted, and ready to embrace your future.

I take great pride in everything I do that is work related as this is not just a job, to me it is very much a way of life. I treat people with compassion and kindness, I am here to help and would never judge.
I do have a policy not to read for people under 18.

True Story

Around 20 years ago, I was driving some friends home. There were four of us in the car – I clearly heard “Get into the crash position” I told my passengers to get into the crash position. They just looked at me like I was crazy so I shouted “Just do it!” Fortunately they listened and within split seconds, the car I was overtaking crashed into us sending us careering into the central reservation. The car spun around three times and crashed into other cars and the central reservation on each turn, we ended up facing the wrong way on the motorway. I managed to use my arm to protect my head to stop it bashing off the window whilst trying to steer the car. The car stopped spinning and we had to kick the doors out to get out of the car. I calmly got everybody out of the car, got all my passengers to safety across the motorway and returned to switch off the engine as I was reminded that I had a full tank of petrol. Rescue services came shortly after and told me it was a miracle we had all survived and walked away. The back seat had snapped in half with the impact, all the tyres had blown out, there was no front end left and the engine was hanging out of the front of the car. Each side of the car had been completely smashed in and the person who caused the accident just drove off. I will always be truly grateful for that message as it not only saved my life but it saved the lives of others.