ASk Wendy April 16

Hi Wendy, I’m a single mother of 2 and split from my partner a good while ago now. I have been in my own for the last 4 years and as of late it has been really getting me down .I’m beginning to think that maybe there is something wrong with me that I can’t meet anyone I have tried dating sites but I feel there is no connection on there and seems very shallow.
Can you tell me if you see me meeting someone soon? Many thanks
Hi As I tune into your energy I feel quite alone, sad and isolated I also feel quite quick to judge and categorise people of situations in a negative way, and you don’t really trust your judgement if that makes sense as you feel you got it wrong before. I know you do not mean this or you may not even realise you are doing this, I feel this stems back to a previous relationship where you were hurt and I get the word mistrust, looking at your energy you still have attachments to this person or relationship which is having this negative impact causing stagnation which is stopping you from moving forward.
I feel this relationship may have been a bit one sided as I get you putting in a lot of effort running around making sure things were just right and not getting anything back, maybe it was expected and you liked to treat him well kind or like a pampered prince, dinner ready, the you go darling put your feet up, relax whilst you make sure everything is done and you felt that you should be grateful, but this was not reciprocated ,it feels like you have unconsciously been self-sabotaging any potential relationships.
On the positive you are now ready to move forward, I feel you are quite spiritual if you know how to you can sit in the energy and cut any chords or attachments to this person /relationship that does not serve for your highest good, allow yourself to let go thus changing your energy, allowing healing to commence, I am also doing this for you.
You need to trust in yourself and know a relationship needs balance, communication and should not be one sided that in a relationship both people should be making a dedicated effort for the other person, I see you allowing changes to happen, it’s like a weight has been lifted and I feel quite free as you cut the chords the other party looses the element of control they had over you, now you are taking control back and you are allowing yourself to open to new beginnings.
I want you to get out revitalise , re-energise yourself, go to seaside, walk in woods and focus on doing things that you also enjoy, laugh, as I feel you have shut yourself away a bit and forgot about being happy, maybe meet some like-minded people finding people who have similar interests to yourself. It’s time for change and only you can initiate this.
There is a new relationship coming in for you, the universe is looking out for you it’s time to trust in yourself and trust that you are on the right path, believe that whatever you desire can be manifested at the right time and for your highest good, put aside your fears, let go of the past be open to possibilities and trust that everything will work out just how it is meant to.

Love and best wishes