Ask Wendy July 16

Hi Wendy, I have just read your article in the local Buzz Magazine. I didn’t know why I even picked it up, let alone read it, I usually throw these things straight in the bin!. But something was telling me to, so I did. I lost my mum this year and have been holding in the grief. I needed to be strong for my family at the time and I’m still bottling it all up to this day. I can’t seem to let go of all this and it has now started to affect my marriage. I split from my wife recently. I love her so much but I feel I want to get rid of everything In my life that I care about. If I have nothing I can’t loose anything right? .. I’m a very private person and don’t like talking to anybody about how I feel, so I don’t know why Im even writing to you! I miss my mum so much, she was the only one I could tell anything too!. She was quite a religious lady and would always visit psychics to help her through life. My wife keeps saying to me that I should try talking to someone but I can’t see the point. I’m not sure if you could help or advise me but something is telling me to introduce myself to you! Thanks for listening .
Hi Thank you so much for writing to me
I just feel you are holding everything in your stomach area, I have a mixture of emotions but I feel angry, it makes me feel a bit sick, and pain in my chest (heart centre) Its like you have hit a brick wall and I don’t know how to get around it, im being shown a false face this tells me that you put a face on for the world to believe that everything ok and hide your sadness behind this.
Sometimes it helps to write you could write to your mother and take it outside and give it up to the angels, sometimes it helps to write down your feelings just to get them off your chest again take this outside and set light to it as this helps you to release /let go, you can talk to your mum any time she will always be by your side ask for guidance and im sure something will come back subtly,.
I see how deeply you miss your mum its shown to me as a massive void in your life, a hole that no one else can fill, sometimes you may feel this as a physical pain, you know you are pushing away all those that love you dearly but at the moment you don’t want anyone else but mum its very raw, you are deliberately hurting yourself more and more as maybe you seem to think you deserve it, I am not sure if you blame yourself for something as I have the word forgiveness and it just feels you are holding onto the grief, anger and guilt by punishing yourself, you need to find forgiveness in yourself to allow the healing process to begin there is no shame in crying or asking for help , I do feel you are for use of better words a mans man you are strong , physically strong and do not like to show weakness or emotion, forgiveness does not mean forgetting it means releasing yourself from the self-created prison you have put yourself in so you can move forward with your life, forgive people situations, and behaviours from the past. Its time to change this situation be open to possibilities. You need to put your health first and explore different therapies that may help your physical and emotional health, sport, mindfulness, to me the best therapy of all is laughter, don’t feel guilty about smiling, do what you love to do, do fun things with those that are important to you, put the fun back into your life.
I feel your mum was a lovely lady who took pride in her appearance and everything she did and she surely does not want you to isolate and punish yourself in this manner. Your mum will always be by your side. I am being shown a red robin so please look out for this as its your mums way of showing you she is still around you. I’m being shown a sunshine which tells me everything will be fine, you just need to find yourself taking one day at a time finding positives in each day.
I have sent you remote healing
Love and light wendy

I have a message from your mum which I will not publish
“please don’t be sad, don’t be sad at my parting it was my time to go – don’t blame – no blame, no regrets please just enjoy and live a fulfilled life Im so proud of you, we had a special bond and still and will always do, I love you dearly no regrets love mum x Its time for you to step down and just be with your family x