Ask Wendy June 2016

Hi Wendy Could you please let me know how I could make a change in my life. In the last 3 to 4 years my life has gone from good to loosing everything. Lost my marriage of 29 years and my son was put in jail for about 2 years, lost my job and now I’m staying here with my parents’ home which is not a great welcome party. I have tried to start all over but no luck. It seems like it’s going good and then I fall again. I really I would like your help please

I am not sure where to start as its feels like your energy is all over the place, it feels like you’re on a downward spiral and everything feels out of control, I would like you to take time to stop and reflect, it seems that your energy is presenting that your expecting everything to go wrong so therefore it will, the law of attraction states like attracts like so if you are thinking negative thoughts that’s what you will attract. Its time to start manifesting your desires rather than what you don’t want. To attract positives think positives thoughts. Each morning think of three things you are grateful for, feel this joy, joy will attract joy, believe you will attract money and get the job you want, create it ,inevitably it always comes.

I see you moving forward from these difficult times onto smoother waters with new found strength and determination this is like a rebirth of you only stronger and wiser and more independent. There is an opportunity out there for you, it’s time to attain what you have been searching for, this will manifest very soon. In the meantime I feel you are just exhausted, I feel all the muscles in my back and up my neck are really tense so tight it’s painful, at the moment you feel trapped and can’t see a way out to find your path. You are intuitive and need some quiet time to reflect inwardly, try some meditation or mindfulness this will help you with the stress, muscles tension and to help still your mind, rest and recuperate as you begin to feel more in control your life reflects this around you. Take this time to re discover yourself who you are, what you like what you want to do and start believing in yourself. Believe that everything will change for the better.

I get the words joy and stability for you, a move or new home life, happiness and harmony all beautiful positive changes. Sometimes we have to let go of things that do not serve for our highest good to allow us to create change this means letting go of the negativity attached to a situation possibly rather than the person to allow for a more healthy connection if that makes sense. This in turn changes the dynamics of the energy between people, creating healthier relationships.

I know this is such a difficult time for you, I admire your courage and strength.
Please be assured that the universe will start bringing change very soon, you just have to truly believe it will happen, visualise it, take a leap of faith, listen to your inner wisdom, be positive trust that everything will be just as it should be. Going forward I have love, harmony, balanced relationship and home life and that you have been triumphant in your journey.

Blessings Wendy