ASK Wendy May 16

I thought I would do something different this month as the letters I have received are in a way related.

I feel a lot of people are feeling low at the moment, there has been lots of health complaints, lots of conflict around people, financial difficulties, worries, people cannot get out the bit as we say in Scotland, it feels like you are constantly chasing your tail and getting nowhere, stress levels seem to be running a bit high, tiredness, fatigue, or you may be keeping trying to keep yourself busy but not sure why or you feel flat or your avoiding going home it just doesn’t feel that welcoming. Or you may find yourself wanting to clean and declutter. All of the above generates negative energy and this negative energy absorbs into your surroundings so let me give you some tips as to make your home environment feel lighter and a happier place to be.

Well it sound to me like there’s lots of energy needs clearing, you know over winter etc mood gets low, energy absorbs into furniture and everything around you so anything negative will hand around thus making you feel the way you do. There are lots and lots of ways to clear energy, I have listed some simpler ways for you to do so. Cleaning is one of the best ways to rid negative energy especially decluttering as hording or holding on to things ie items from the past hold energy, you know the jumper you got from your ex, all those old memories good and bad are associated with all those unused items stored in the home hold the energy of those memories so maybe time to let go rather than hold on to the past, that’s why you feel so good when you have decluttered it just feels so much better, give things to charity you no longer need as I believe when you give ,you receive (karma). Joss sticks are great for cleansing, keep the windows open to allow the energy to flow this allows fresh air to come in (positive new energy) and the old energy to leave, play some happy uplifting music whilst you do this. Fresh cut flowers bring positive energy house plants also do the same and a good old coat of paint really does the trick getting rid of the old energy allowing for the new. Sea salt is a powerful energy cleanser. You can put it in a bowl in the room and leave it for a couple of days salt absorbs negativity, some people put this in each corner of the room and hoover it so when the room feels lighter throw the salt away – get rid of that negativity. I also bath in sea salt, a tablespoon of handful is sufficient; it absorbs the negativity from your energy field leaving you feeling lighter.

Crystals are also powerful cleansers. I personally like citrine which cleanses and energises, its lovely positive yellow stone and one of the few stones that does not need cleansing itself. The wealth corner of your home is the the furthest left hand corner of your home put citrine in there if you need to attract more money.

I also love rose quartz which is the stone of unconditional love and peace, its excellent for trauma. If you want to attract love put it beside your bed, crystals have many many healing properties. I will very soon have a selection for crystals, joss sticks, salts etc ranging from £1 why not give it a try, give me a call and I will be only too happy to help you.

Sending lots of positive energy your way