Ask Wendy Sept 16

Dear Wendy For the past 5 years I have been in a relationship with someone who I am starting to think is a narcissistic sociopath I no longer have any friends I daren’t talk to other men or go out with friends (If I still had any) because it’s not worth the grief, my family don’t like him. I have tried to end it before but he emotionally blackmailed me back into the relationship I am now losing the will to live I have put on 2 stone in weight due to comfort eating and drinking too much. I really don’t know if it’s my imagination as he tells me he only ever does good things for me he has taken me on some lovely holidays but I have to be very conscious of what I do or say he also says I trust or listen to the wrong people because they are the one’s trying to control me. I strongly suspect he has also been grooming someone else at work. I really think my guides angels and family in spirit have abandoned me many thanks

Hi As I tune into our energy, I feel tired, lonely, isolated , I feel so low, like I’ve had enough but I can’t see a way out my situation there’s so many ties, I am mentally and physically exhausted and you don’t feel that there’s many people you can turn to, you keep trying but nothing changes. I feel you’re in quite a dark place and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. You are subconsciously self-sabotaging and eat to make yourself unattractive/ invisible to people to avoid further conflict, the extra layer you have put on is like a layer of self-protection for you. I would like you to ask yourself two questions, what do I get from this relationship? What does your partner get from this relationship? You appear to be walking on eggshells all the time and I want you to look at your self-worth. Constant put downs have made you lose confidence in yourself and abilities. Narcissistic sociopaths are very clever nothing is ever their fault, they have no empathy, they cast up everything they do for you and make you feel guilty, they can and do become aggressive when criticised, also very charming and manipulative, over a period of time you begin to believe all the put downs and hurtful comments, to the point you may not even notice it any more as it is such a regular occurrence, look you cannot change others but you can change yourself.
Your voice is not being heard as I am being drawn to my throat centre. I feel you may need some help or support maybe a councillor but you definitely need to take to someone, you could contact your gp. You always try to see the good in everyone ese, now you need to see the good in you are you are such are such a lovely kind caring person, you always try to please everyone else now it’s time to start pleasing yourself, you need to start liking yourself, loving yourself and start to believe in yourself, take yourself out of the home go for walks in nature, maybe get yourself some personal development books with tips for building self-confidence.
I feel on a daily basis you just go through the motions, the chores, cleaning cooking working making sure “the pampered prince” is catered for but there is no return for your hard work except criticism.
Its most definitely time for a change, you just need a little help to find that courage and confidence that’s within, but you can and will do this. It’s time to do right by yourself for a change rather than do everything for everyone else. Listen to your inner voice be guided by your inner wisdom. Please don’t ever think that your guides angels or spirit family would ever abandon you. They are and will always be around you trying to comfort you and guided you but you need to ask for help they can’t interfere, it’s just sometimes when you feel so low you get despondent and don’t look up to see the hand that’s trying to help you.
I know you can find your strength to be your true self and in turn this brings forward happiness you so deserve , just please start believing in you

Love and blessings Wendy