Intuitive Tarot Course

Intuitive Tarot Course

A 6 week course designed to develop your personal approach to tarot by using your intuition.

Who is the course suitable for?
• Your attracted to tarot but don’t know where to start
• You have your first tarot deck but not quite sure what to do with them
• You have an idea of tarot card meanings, but struggle with actual readings.
• Have read books on tarot but you cant seem to retain the information.
• Would you like to approach tarot in a different way.
• Would you like to reinterpret the cards for yourself ?
• Would you like to develop your intuition?
• Would you like to gain more confidence with your tarot cards ?

The course covers the basic tarot principles such as the four suits, the major cards
and the court cards. Practice reading for other people.

In this course, you will
• Develop your own, unique, intuitive approach to the cards
• Learn to identify the four elements in tarot
• Learn how the cards interact
• Look at the bigger picture
• Grow your confidence in reading for friends
• Have loads of fun with your cards
• Become a more confident, more intuitive tarot reader
• Meet like-minded people
You will Not
• Learn the meanings from a book.
• Memorise lists of ‘keywords’.

The best way to learn tarot is to develop your own ideas about what each card means, work with your cards, find your own path by experimenting with your cards, to enjoy, play, make your cards yours.……….and that’s exactly what my course is all about.

Course cost £150. Spaces are limited.
A deposit will be required to secure your place.

Please call Wendy if you are interested in this course and for next available dates to book your place on 07824 426731
Intuitive Tarot – 6 Week Course
Monday 7pm – 9pm
Dates Sept 7, 14, 21, 28, Oct 5, 12th
Teacher Wendy McCallum
Venue 5 Green Lane Blackwater, GU17 0JD