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Spiritual Assessment Reading: Can be a very powerful reading offering a profound insight into your spiritual journey. Wendy will connect with her Spirit Team to assess where you stand spiritually. Whether it's mediumship, healing, psychic development, or more, this guidance will empower you to confidently progress on your souls journey. This reading offers invaluable support for your spiritual evolution, addressing any questions or uncertainties you may have. It's a potentially life-changing experience, providing clarity and direction for your path ahead.

Psychic Reading: Psychic Reading: Gain clarity and guidance across past, present, and future. Wendy taps into her intuitive gifts, working closely with her spirit guides, to illuminate your path. Addressing current challenges and future opportunities, this reading offers valuable insight and support, empowering you to remove blocks hindering your highest potential. Whether you seek answers to specific questions or a broader understanding of your path, Wendy provides direction to overcome obstacles and embrace your true purpose.

Mediumship Reading: Connect with loved ones in spirit. Wendy serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, channelling messages from those who have passed on. With compassion and clarity, she brings evidence, comfort and closure while providing guidance for your path ahead. Whether you seek reassurance from departed loved ones or a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose, this reading offers healing and enlightenment. Embrace the opportunity to connect with spirit and navigate life with newfound clarity and peace."


Sound Therapy Healing is a very gentle, yet powerful modality, using instruments, music tones and sonic vibrations or frequencies to balance and heal mind, body and spirit. The gentle sonic vibrations are believed to stimulate qi, encouraging the body’s energies to flow naturally, treating stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia encouraging healing, rebalancing the nervous system and emotional release.

Spiritual Healing Experience the transformative power of spiritual healing as Wendy connects with her spirit guides and source energy to channel healing to areas in need. This holistic approach brings emotional and physical relief, fostering balance among mind, body, and spirit. Allow yourself to embrace this profound journey towards healing and well-being.

Crystal Sound Baths After a near-death experience, Wendy discovered the transformative power of sound healing. Now, she offers crystal sound baths tailored to reduce stress, enhance mental clarity, facilitate emotional release, and improve sleep. These sessions are available for corporate businesses, off-site events, and one-on-one sessions. Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of crystal sound therapy and experience profound relaxation and rejuvenation. Wendy's crystal sound baths provide a sanctuary for stress reduction, emotional balance, and achieving a clearer state of mind.

Please use BOOK ONLINE page for prices and to book your appointment.

Crystal Sound Baths - Please bring a pillow, blanket. Group sound baths please also bring yoga mat.  Yoga mats can be provided if requested in advance. 2 x Lafuma Recliner chairs can be provided for people with mobility problems.


I ask that you give as much notice as possible to reschedule.  A minimum of 48hrs notice is required to cancel /reschedule an appointment. 


Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, I miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time. I get charged for every transaction from website software, booking software, credit card and the bank, due to the cost implication I do not offer refunds, I am happy to reschedule where I can.  I only offer a few appointments weekly to ensure you get the best reading possible. Late cancellations and ‘no show’ appointments have a massive impact on a small business.

Once deposit or payment is made the deposit/ fee paid is 100% non-refundable.


To reschedule, you must do so prior to 48 hours before your session begins or your deposit /payment will be forfeited.  


To reschedule simply click on your booking link and reschedule

if you have any problems please email to
Wendy may waiver fees in extenuating circumstances, please ask.

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