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My name is Wendy McCallum. I am a psychic, medium, spiritual artist, columnist, healer, teacher, mentor and holistic therapist. I was born in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and live in Camberley, Surrey. I was aware of my intuitive abilities from an early age and have spent many years developing and nurturing these skills.

My souls purpose is to heal in whatever capacity that may be, to assist you with healing mind, body and soul. I have worked professionally for 20yrs helping thousands of people, from all walks of life from CEO of banks, millionaires, famous musicians to government officials. I have studied many modalities for 30+ years to support and guide you on your journey.  


I am extremely passionate about what I do, I pride myself on my professionalism integrity and honesty. I love to help people tap into their inner power and intuition, and connect with the wisdom of the universe, to give guidance from our lovely friends and inspirers in the spirit world to help you live your best life and manifest your dreams.

My career has changed to that of a holistic and spiritual journey, I left a successful career in an IT specialist for my beautiful daughter. A single parent and carer, I wanted to help my daughter so I studied reflexology, anatomy and physiology with Nicola Hall at the Bayley School of Reflexology. Nicola was taught by the late Doreen Bayley a pioneer who brought Reflexology to Britain in the 60’s.

I furthered my training in Cranio Sacral Reflexology with the late Martine Faure Alderson (also taught by Doreen Bayley), Martine developed craniosacral reflexology after working and training with John E Upledger who developed and pioneered Cranio Sacral Therapy, I then studied reiki, spiritual healing, collected various holistic qualifications.


My spiritual journey began to unfold, I studied with Heidi Sawyer a Hay house author for several years, then began training with world-renowned psychic mediums and authors including Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Natalie Walker, Heidi Sawyer, Claire Broad, Chris Drew, minister Colin Bates and Eileen Davies. Attending the Arthur Finlay college, Banyan retreat and workshops with Scot Milligan, Gordon Smith, Kyle Gray, Darren Brittain, and many others.


I studied with Shamash Alidina who has written countless books on mindfulness. I  qualified as a mindfulness meditation teacher


My artwork came about following a traumatic situation. My spiritual art is channelled working with angelic and higher vibrational frequencies and imbedded healing light codes within the artwork.  incorporating chromotherapy and the healing energy of crystals into each unique piece of art, which can be used to bring physical, spiritual, and mental balance. My art and products are utilized for raising your frequency / vibration, manifesting, inner transformation, remote healing, and meditation.

Following trauma and a near-death experience, I  became acutely aware of the power of sound, sound healing, frequency, and the power of the mind. I believe this is what saved my life, now continuing to work and develop these skills working with various sound instruments, the angelic realm and crystals to create a totally unique sound healing treatment.

Your session with me is different to a standard psychic reading its not just a 1hr session but 30+ years of knowledge, education, plus the sage knowledge given from the spirit world. Who will give you guidance for your highest good, the tools to empower you to allow you to take control of your life help you break repeated patterns, remove blocks that are stopping you from reaching your highest potential and make positive change, to help you find the courage to step forward take control and change your life.

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