Hello, my name is Wendy McCallum. I am a psychic, medium, spiritual artist, columnist, healer, teacher, mentor and holistic therapist. I was born in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and now live in Camberley, Surrey. I was aware of my intuitive abilities from an early age and have spent many years developing and nurturing these skills.

I have worked as a professional psychic medium for over 15 years and have trained with many famous, well-known psychic mediums including Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Natalie Walker, Heidi Sawyer, Claire Broad, Chris Drew and Eileen Davies. I have attended the Arthur Finlay college, Banyan retreat and workshops with Gordon Smith, Kyle Gray, Darren Brittain and many others. I continue to develop professionally and will continue to train with many others in the future.

I have been offered jobs as a reader for some of Britain’s largest psychic companies including Psychic Today on sky TV. I wrote a psychic agony aunt column for several years and received letters from all over the world. I have had articles written about me in Psychic News, Chat It's Fate, Take a break and Fate & Fortune magazine.

I teach psychic mediumship and intuitive development classes and workshops. I have done talks, demonstrations and presentations on psychic ability and mediumship.  I also work with spiritualist churches and centres.

I provide Gong Baths and meditation classes in Surrey and Hampshire.

Energy Artwork - I began creating artwork in spring 2018 after my daughter

suffered from stress related illness. We used art as a form of therapy to help her.


My artwork is unique in the sense I work using an intuitive process using resin and mixed medias, crystals and semi-precious stones that have properties to facilitate healing and well being

My art can be bought in Fine Art Prints, Canvas, Cushions, Kitchenware, glass wall art & clocks, Phone Cases, suitcases and more. My guardian angel & spiritual art is available to purchase on my website here

My abstract artwork homewares and lifestyle products are available at wendymccallumart.co.uk.


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