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I visited Wendy with my Dad, what an amazing experience! She is so welcoming and friendly, we were immediately at ease in her company. We had a brilliant reading, Wendy was spot on with everything, even giving us names of family members which she says doesn't happen to her very often. She described my Grandad to an absolute tee, telling us about him and his life as if she had known him herself. Also, my aunt came through, Wendy was confused about why she was being shown a tin of corned beef/Spam by her...we immediately knew what she was talking about though, it involves one of my favourite funny stories about my aunt! She also described a bombing which happened during the war, again another story involving memories of my aunt. Wendy also connected with my Mum, everything that came through being relevant and accurate too. I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough, we will definitely be back for another visit and a lovely "catch up" with our family in spirit! Thank you Wendy xxxYou are a star!

In a reading (you gifted me) 5 years ago you part of the message was to start having Epsom Salt baths as they would help with lack of Magnesium. You picked up that I was exhausted and had had a lot of stressful things happen. The baths helped so much that I started to research magnesium and then found an amazing group (Magnesium Advocacy Group) on Facebook who taught me about magnesium, the best types to take etc and that helped me even more. The man who started the group gave me a free consultation because he read my story and saw how hard I was trying to get well using magnesium (how the Universe gives us what we need when we need it always amazes me). I was pretty much bedbound and its been a long recovery but I've seen constant very gradual improvement if I look back a year at a time. I can now look after myself and my again and am beginning to get my life back. I cannot thank you enough for that wonderful insight and for starting me off on my road to recovery. You are a star!

Wendy was lovely and provided a relaxing atmosphere for the reading. During the reading she was accurate with past history without prodding. She has given me hope for the future and good directions to help me improve my future outcomes. Well worth a visit and I will continue to her visit her regularly


So accurate...

Wendy was spot on when I went to one of her evenings, she got messages to pass to me in the audience. It gave me goose bumps and the energy that was being given to Wendy was amazing. I would strongly recommend going to her if you are considering it. Thanks Wendy


Genuine lady

I met Wendy back in 2015 when I was at the beginning of my spiritual journey. Wendy gave me confidence and reassurance that all those things I was going through are normal and suggested to start developing my psychic ability.
I joined the course and grew so much.
Wendy has many gifts and I one of those is pushing "lightworkers" forward.
She has ability to connect to the spirits/those who crossed over and pass messages.
I was blown away and those messages gave me confidence to move forward on my journey.
She is spot on with card readings and giving advice along the readings.
She uses all her senses to give as much information as she is able to and allowed to.
Highly recommended for those who wants to know what is standing in their way to move forward!
Thank you Wendy


An Angel

I bumped into Wendy the other week, she asked if I was ok. I said I had lost my work phone for over a week now and I will have to replace it, which would of cost me £600. She said Sofa I said no I've checked it, she said I think you should check again.
I went in was looking down the back again with my hands and with a little torch. Then I saw my phone wedged in between the metal of the sofa . I was so happy. Well done Wendy xx,


Excellent ,Excellent

I first saw Wendy shortly after my fathers sudden passing, it gave me great comfort and joy in the knowledge he came through and sent me messages. Wendy puts you at ease and is very professional and clearly has a passion for her gift, I was a true sceptic prior to this but gave and will return again soon THANKYOU Wendy 😄



Really great evening last night with Wendy. Was so interesting to see what came through for everyone but especially the two occasions that someone came through from our family. Everything was spot on and couldn't believe the links Wendy could make. Can't wait to go to another evening and even look for a 1-2-1 session.


Loved attending you Mediumship Demonstration

Attended one of Wendy's evenings last night and was blown away with the messages that she brought through for me, reduced me to tears, but tears of happiness to know that this person that means so much to me is close by and watching me. She came out with things that hardly anyone knew and they were so accurate.
Thank you Wendy, would love to have a 1-2-1 with you at some point and come along to another evening.



Had a lovely reading from Wendy she was spot on with so many things, definitely come at a time in need. Thank you so much your amazing. 😁 X x x



I had a fabulous reading with Wendy. I was looking for some answers in my life and she immediately picked up on my grandmother who was very excited to have the opportunity to communicate with me. She also picked up on my father in spirit and gave me details that only he and I would have known. The reading was uplifting and helped me make some major decisions. Highly recommended.


Amazing Reading

Amazing reading so accurate you blew me away with the things you said , you brought me so much peace , Highly Recommended Thankyou so much xx


Psychic Reading

I have had readings from Wendy and cannot recommend her highly enough! She has been spot on with information and guidance both on a personal level and business levels! She really has a very special gift and has a very warm and kind heart! I will definitely be having more readings from Wendy in the future! In my opinion .... She is the best there is!!!


Nicola Brazil

Having received a free reading with Wendy shortly after Christmas and at a highly transitional time I decided to return for a further reading last week. Wendy was spot on with descriptions of my past relationship and picked up on travel that I had recently been involved in and also the travel to come. The remainder of the reading became even more insightful in relation to a personal relationship around me and the future development of my career and life path. I left feeling buoyant and positive where I had previously been very preoccupied with the changes that were to come. Although I am now emigrating I intend to keep receiving readings from Wendy and I would recommend her to anyone who is considering a tarot card reading. Thanks Wendy. x

Louise Briggs

Hi Wendy thanks for today. If anyone is thinking about seeing this lady then do it as she is very good. She is what she says she is xx

"Wendy has read for me on several occasions.  Although she knows me very well she is intuitive with her gift and often picks up on my deepest worries; ones that I don't usually discuss with anyone. She will not "tell me what I want to hear" but does bring to the forefront the positive in each of her readings.   Wendy has helped me to be positive through a very difficult time."
C, Hampshire

Caz Jones 

just want to say a big big thank you for my reading Wendy, your services are brilliant! Everything you said was spot on and I was amazed by how much you knew about me without me saying a word, you are truly gifted! You have helped me to understand what is going on in my life so now I can move forward. I will definitely recommend you, and I have already my friend would like to see you soon. Thanks again xxx

Neelam Bhalla 

excellent reading with Wendy recently. Very informative, honest and accurate. The advice was given in such a way that I felt reassured and like Wendy very much had my best interest at heart. Pleasure to meet you Wendy and thank you so much for the wonderful experience. N xxx

Christina Gray

wendy has done quite a few readings for me now and each one has been spot on every time. the information wendy has been able to give me is amazing. wendy was able to give me a virtual walk through of one of my relatives houses yet has never been there herself! wendy has helped me a lot over the past year and it really has helped me to become who i am today. keep up the good work wendy and thank you so very much for your help. i strongly recommend wendy to anyone interested in having a reading done xxx

Mhairi Hewson

i had the most amazing reading from wendy she was spot on with my reading,i left feeling very uplifted and excited about the future.she knew things about me without me saying anything,i would highly recommend her.iv had reading in the past and none compare.


Carla Lacey

I've had many readings with Wendy. She never fails to surprise me with her accuracy. She always brings forth the positive elements withing my readings and leaves me feeling uplifted. I've had other readings and Wendy is by far the best!


Claire Jackson

had areading from wendy yesterday and it blew me away.... i had knots in my stomache and was in a bad way with personal things and came away from my reading feeling completly satisfied and ready to take on my issue and resolve them... what i got from my reading was priceless and i thankyou wendy and would recommend any one to have a reading with her.. many thanks claire :) x


"I have had quite a few readings with Wendy now, but my most recent reading has been the best so far. She is always extremely accurate and Wendy was honest and truthful in everything she said. It was enlightening and has helped so much already. I love having readings with Wendy and I am extremely excited for my next one. Wendy told me how it was in the kindest possible way. Thank you Wendy I look forward to my next one." 
C, Camberley  

"Thank you Wendy for my reading, everything you said was very true. You even knew things about me without me saying a word...Amazing! Very well explained and made complete sense. You really have helped me to understand things so I can move forward. I will definitely recommend you. Thank you again." 
Carol, Hampshire  

"Wendy was great. I had a reading a few months ago and she was spot on. she read my cards in a very confident way which helped put me at ease. i would have no hesitation in asking Wendy for another reading." 
N, Surrey

"Thank you for today, really enjoyed the healing. You're good at what you do...amazing. thank you." Mario, Woking

"Thanks Wendy, fab reading meant so much and how true, thanks again." 
Angela, Surrey

Very accurate, hit the nail on the head a few times.  Thank you.

Weird but good to talk to a stranger!  Emotional reading = fantastic!  It feels like you know me and my life.

"I had questions in my mind and thoughts circling today and Wendy actually one by one answered all these during my reading! Absolutely spot on with the descriptions, very vivid and accurate!  I get readings very often and this session was by far the most informative and accurate.  I am pleasantly amazed!! thank you so much."
Neelam xxx

 Kara Gillett Wendy did a great job in my reading everything was spot on! Really pleased with how it went defiantly having another one next month or so .. Thank you


 Nicola Brazil . "Thanks so much for my free reading as the winner of your competition. I will take some time to digest everything you said and see how it all plays out but I feel like there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I hope all your predictions come true!"


 Kirsty Webber - fantastic reading wendy. thanks so much. clarified a few things for me, and thoroughly enjoyed our chat afterwards! shall recommend you to friends and family xx


 Caz Jones just want to say a big big thank you for my reading Wendy, your services are brilliant! Everything you said was spot on and I was amazed by how much you knew about me without me saying a word, you are truly gifted! You have helped me to understand what is going on in my life so now I can move forward. I will definitely recommend you, and I have already my friend would like to see you soon. Thanks again xxx


 V.T - Wow thank you so much! I listened to the reading back and I think you've got me spot on! my friend  was blown away by it and she's so looking forward to her reading on Saturday!

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